Wow. Just, wow…

8 10 2010

My jaw dropped when I saw this underwater video…

That is one hell of a tie. Definitely gives me all sorts of inspiration.  Now I’m messing around at the vise trying to come up with something even close to as lifelike.



Persistence Hunting

15 06 2010

Holy freakin’ wow! This really makes me want to try persistence hunting out in eastern oregon sometime, or anywhere else flat and open for that matter

Bacon + Chocolate ????

26 01 2010

YES, and it is DELICIOUS!

The pieces of bacon are very small and crunchy, so the texture is more like biting into a chocolate crunch bar. The salty, smokey flavors of the bacon are a perfect compliment to the dark chocolate.  Makes a great snack for when your working at your desk. Available at Whole Paycheck and other fine stores