Spey casting is also useful for trout…

1 03 2010

The recent warm weather and accompanying bug activity has got me thinking about trout. Time to brush up on my single hand techniques

Double Spey

Snap T



turbulent flow and steelhead flies

8 01 2010

For all you science nerds who want to understand how to make the most lifelike marabou-

Place an object in a fluid flow and it will leave a wake of turbulence behind it

Place a collar of guinea on a fly, put marabou behind that, and the marabou will dart back and forth in that wake of turbulent water

Oh yeah, and then a steelhead eats it : )

Orange Heron Spey Tutorial

19 11 2009

I was forwarded this link to a great site with step by step instructions on how to tie an Orange Heron a la Syd Glasso. I will soon be putting my mediocre fly tying skills to work in an attempt to replicate.


Syd Glasso’s flies have always fascinated me, although I’ve mostly only seen photos in Doug Rose’s books. Nice to see step by step instructions from someone who appears to actually know how Syd Glasso tied them.

Thanks Bruce!