Wow. Just, wow…

8 10 2010

My jaw dropped when I saw this underwater video…

That is one hell of a tie.¬†Definitely gives me all sorts of inspiration. ¬†Now I’m messing around at the vise trying to come up with something even close to as lifelike.



Persistence Hunting

15 06 2010

Holy freakin’ wow! This really makes me want to try persistence hunting out in eastern oregon sometime, or anywhere else flat and open for that matter

Spey casting is also useful for trout…

1 03 2010

The recent warm weather and accompanying bug activity has got me thinking about trout. Time to brush up on my single hand techniques

Double Spey

Snap T


turbulent flow and steelhead flies

8 01 2010

For all you science nerds who want to understand how to make the most lifelike marabou-

Place an object in a fluid flow and it will leave a wake of turbulence behind it

Place a collar of guinea on a fly, put marabou behind that, and the marabou will dart back and forth in that wake of turbulent water

Oh yeah, and then a steelhead eats it : )

Angling Addiction

16 12 2009

Found on vimeo, if this doesn’t make you want to quit your job and become a guide nothing will…

Angling Addiction

Oregon Coast Steelhead

12 12 2009


Love the take at 1:15

Steelhead, from their point of view

23 11 2009