Impressionist Chum

8 10 2010


Persistence Hunting

15 06 2010

Holy freakin’ wow! This really makes me want to try persistence hunting out in eastern oregon sometime, or anywhere else flat and open for that matter

Somewhere on the west slope of the cascades…

4 05 2010

… is a really sweet campsite. Fished all day on this stream and the only other fishermen I saw were ospreys. Water was pretty cold but a few fat rainbows were eating mayfly nymphs.

Not much dry fly action yet…

8 03 2010

… but a little bit on nymphs.

It was a sub-surface show this weekend, fishing was kind of slow but a few fish came out to play. The spring-like weather has kicked my mind into full trout mode. It’ll probably be a few months til my favorite hatches really start going off, but in the meantime I’ll be scouting new water, tying some flies and trying to be content with nymphing.

What a beautiful skunking!

30 01 2010

Not even a bump. Three side-drifters fished through the water I was swinging and hooked up though.

Hard to get too worked up about it when you’ve spent your day wading through braided channels surrounded by huge moss covered trees, and every time the wind shifts upstream you get a blast of salt air.

The OP is certainly a pretty place

Spent the last hour and a half of daylight scouting out other access points and different streams. This was my first fishing trip to the west end, hopefully it is the first of many.

Long live the Molalla!

19 11 2009

Good news for the wild steelhead that spawn in the Molalla, and everyone who loves that river

If you live in the area, contact Native Fish Society orĀ Molalla River Alliance if your interested in volunteering to help the Mo, they do a lot of good work for the stream.